Katakana Letter So


Katakana Letter So


Johto Mono's そ is the perfect way to add a touch of mystery to your text. そ (so) is a Japanese word which can mean 'that', 'there', 'the', 'other', 'the other way around', 'the former', 'the latter', 'the latter part of', 'the last', 'the next', 'the other party', 'the other person', 'the opposite', 'the rest', 'the same', 'the second', 'the second half', 'the second party', 'the second person', 'the two', 'the two of them', 'the two parties', 'the two persons', 'under', 'underneath', 'until', 'whatever', 'when', 'where', 'whereabouts', 'which', 'while' or 'who'. そ is a small, curved letter.

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