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Project, July 2017

The King's Cup drinking game in Korean, made in React Native for both iOS and Android.

three cups pouring into one large cup blending their contents

What it is

One of the most fun and popular drinking games in the world, "King's Cup", is unknown in South Korea. We decided to do something about that.

The result is a React Native based mobile app for iOS and Android. It has a very minimalistic design and a simple interface, based on the mechanism of Tinder swiping, used to go through a deck of cards that display the rules to be executed during play.

Dr. Edge, managing editor of the North Korean Review, translated the set of basic rules, but users are able to add and remove whichever rules they choose during play.

What's Next?

We're very proud of the result, and will be adding more animations and a rules database in the next release.


If you speak Korean, or simply want to have a look at the smooth card-swiping UI and minimalist card designs, be sure to give this game a shot:

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