Johto, but make it Sans!

Published on 2022-07-27 by Pascal Pixel

Johto, but make it Sans!

compressing Johto Mono font's kerning to create Johto Sans indicated with arrows

Welcome to Johto Sans, the latest and greatest 8-bit font inspired by everyoneʼs favourite pocket monsters!

Johto Mono was a great success when it launched this year, but we've listened to your feedback and made some changes to create an even better product.

The biggest difference is that Johto Sans is not monospaced – meaning that the kerning will be tighter and more consistent, making it much easier on the eye for long format text with its more polished look.

We've also included 300 new characters in both Johto Mono and Johto Sans with the release of v2.587, perfect for any budding Pokémon trainers out there!

With its improved kerning and Unicode support, Johto Sans is the perfect choice for writing long stories in a variety of languages. And because it takes up less horizontal space, it's ideal for writing sentences with an unnatural amount of lowercase i's:

Johto Mono
Johto Sans

Whether you're a programmer looking for a new font for your code editor, or a fan of retro video games looking for a fab new way to write your blog posts, Johto Sans is the perfect choice. So why wait? Download Johto Sans today and start enjoying the benefits of a more readable font!

People love the original retro look of Johto Mono for video game interfaces and their code editor, and now the same aesthetic is here for long stories with Johto Sans' enhanced readability.

Johto MonoJohto Sans

Isn't that much better? Now you can create great story sections in your indie game's pixel art or website that give the perfect balance of retro and modern.

So what are you waiting for? It's now available as a bundle on the Johto Mono checkout page. Start your next project with Johto Sans today!

Happy typing!