Johto Mono

Font, v2.6.0, August 2022

Finally, a font that’s ready for your pixel adventures.

Johto Mono 2 is a hand-crafted, pixelated font that captures the excitement of 1990s Tokyo for today’s developers, designers, and video-game makers.

pokemon trainer surrounded by their pokemon on top of a hill looking at the forest

We all love the pixelated games we played as kids. Now, as programmers, video makers, and creators of side projects that make our hearts pound with passion, there is nothing more satisfying than imagining ourselves in the shoes of the people that inspired us. We want to feel like we're right back there in the excitement of 1990s Tokyo, as an artist or engineer.


Johto Mono was created because of our disappointment with the pixel fonts we found online. And for people like us, who care deeply about the quality of our work - especially the work we do for ourselves - we realised we needed a high-quality pixel font to give our work the look it deserves.

Hold it there, mister! The toll is ¥1000 to go through.
Thank you, sir!
He-he-he. We're making a bundle. Everyone wants to see what's going on up at LAKE OF RAGE.

With over six hundred characters plus support for dozens of languages, including Japanese, tons of fun hand-crafted ligatures to get the look right, Johto Mono is an authentic nostalgia trip. It has all those missing details you didn't notice, but your brain did.

  • Pidgeot Lv88
  • Poliwrath Lv82
  • Moltres Lv80
  • Mewtwo Lv84
  • Primeape Lv84
  • Lapras Lv84


This is a 'pixel' font, but modern font formats are actually vector based, so the font uses vector calculations to create little squares. This brings all the same issues as old-fashioned pixel fonts in terms of rendering it properly.

The font is 10px high, so to properly render it you'll need to use increments of 10px

You'll also need to turn off anti-aliasing for fonts if the browser supports it to avoid blurry fonts.

Displaying the font in flexbox layouts will make it blurry too.


The latin character set has been extended to support the first three Unicode blocks, Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement and Latin Extended-A. This covers most West European languages. Some of the original glyphs have been changed for harmony with the added new glyphs.

For all my nerdy trainers out there, these characters are extended as well to support common programming languages. So go ahead and load this up in your favorite editor.

Ich wähle dich, Tauboß!


I extended support to cover the full Unicode blocks for Hiragana and Katakana, which holds a few obscure characters that aren't used anymore, but gotta catch 'em all right?

I also added a couple new Japanese glyphs to support some onomatopoeia. Check it out!

ドキドキドキドキ キャーー ケラケラケラケラ!


To type Unown, you must use one of the formats that supports ligatures. These little living glyphs might attack though. So be ready.

To write in Unown, prepend each basic A-z alphabet character with the word unown. If you write unowna and unownz the a and z Unown will be shown.


There is a ligature to get the original PKMN glyph, plainly write this string: PKMN in capitals without spaces and it will be replaced with PKMN.

There are also the original games' ligatures for ’d, ’l, ’m, ’r, ’s, ’v and ’t. Sadly, ’n isn't supported, so you can't write cap'n.


If the font doesn't support a certain character, � is displayed, in this font that is a MissingNo, because a tiny MissingNo is sugoi kawaii.


The dingbats are a collection of symbols that are used in the original games. It's a bit of a mess, but it's a great for building quick user interfaces.

Johto Mono 2
Font, August 2022
I love this font and the landing page that goes with it. Nostalgic!
FYI shoutout to Johto font, the beautiful and nostalgic game-boy font we use for our logo! Tokyo Tech MeetupのロゴはJohtoフォントを採用させて頂いております!
He tenido acceso al adelanto de lo que viene próximamente de Johto y luce super bien :D
He tenido acceso al adelanto de lo que viene próximamente de Johto y luce super bien :D
I love this! The nostalgia is strong. Makes me tempted to make a simple game (stay focused Marie!!!!)
This is mad, I’ll buy it later today and add it to the new @bento marketing site I’m currently working on!
Alway want to make a nice retro font then I look how much work @PascalPixel put into the Johto font and I go back to icons. 😅
Johto Mono - Every single Pokédex app or website should use this!
Yep, very nostalgic! I love this wide r 😍
will pixel-art make a comeback 👀?
なんとか出発前に出来た ユリメイさん1000人おめでとう! #ユリメイ飯店 フォントはこのポケモンフォントを使わせてもらいました。
ゲームボーイの画像サイズに情報詰め込むことを想像して文字なら何文字入るか考えながらとこに着いた昨夜 なので起きてフォント探したのでした おっはよー


i'm a sucker for pixel fonts, nicely done @PascalPixel
pokemon-fontが全力で可愛くてハッピーです 公式サイトも sugoi kawaii だから 拡張子沢山入ってたからたぶん色んなところに使えると思う
公式サイトも sugoi kawaii だから

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